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TarihDizi AdıBölümBölümün Adı
29.10.2014The Flash (2014) (*)01x04Going Rogue
29.10.2014Supernatural (*)10x04Paper Moon
29.10.2014Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.02x06A Fractured House
29.10.2014Sons of Anarchy07x08The Separation of Crows
29.10.2014Person of Interest04x06Pretenders
30.10.2014Arrow (*)03x04The Magician
30.10.2014Criminal Minds10x05Boxed In
30.10.2014Modern Family06x06Halloween 3: AwesomeLand
30.10.2014The 100 (*)02x02Inclement Weather
30.10.2014South Park18x05Season 18, Episode 5
30.10.2014American Horror Story04x04Edward Mordrake (2)
31.10.2014Bones10x05The Corpse at the Convention
31.10.2014The Big Bang Theory (*)08x07The Misinterpretation Agitation
31.10.2014The Vampire Diaries (*)06x05The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
31.10.2014Two and a Half Men (*)12x01The Ol’ Mexican Spinach
31.10.2014Scandal04x06An Innocent Man
31.10.2014Elementary03x01Enough Nemesis To Go Around
01.11.2014Hawaii Five-0 (2010)05x06Ho'oma'ike (Unmasked)
01.11.2014Grimm04x02Octopus Head
03.11.2014The Simpsons26x05Opposites A-frack
03.11.2014Once Upon a Time04x06Family Business
03.11.2014Brooklyn Nine-Nine02x05The Mole
03.11.2014The Walking Dead05x04Slabtown
03.11.2014Homeland04x06From A to B and Back Again
03.11.2014CSI: Crime Scene Investigation15x05Girls Gone Wilder
04.11.20142 Broke Girls (*)04x02And The DJ Face
04.11.2014The Originals (*)02x05Red Door
04.11.2014Gotham (*)01x07Penguin's Umbrella
04.11.2014Sleepy Hollow02x07Deliverance
04.11.2014The Blacklist02x07The Scimitar
05.11.2014New Girl04x06Background Check
05.11.2014Sons of Anarchy07x09What A Piece Of Work Is Man
06.11.2014Arrow (*)03x05The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
06.11.2014Criminal Minds10x06If the Shoe Fits
06.11.2014The 100 (*)02x03Reapercussions
06.11.2014South Park18x06Season 18, Episode 6
06.11.2014Hot In Cleveland06x01Comfort and Joy
06.11.2014American Horror Story04x05Pink Cupcakes
07.11.2014Bones10x06The Lost Love in the Foreign Land
07.11.2014Grey's Anatomy11x06Don't Let's Start
07.11.2014The Big Bang Theory (*)08x08The Prom Equivalency
07.11.2014The Vampire Diaries (*)06x06The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
07.11.2014Two and a Half Men (*)12x02A Chic Bar in Ibiza
07.11.2014White Collar06x01Borrowed Time
07.11.2014Scandal04x07Baby Made a Mess
07.11.2014Covert Affairs05x11Season 5, Episode 11
07.11.2014Elementary03x02The Five Orange Pipz
08.11.2014The Legend of Korra (*)03x13Venom of the Red Lotus
08.11.2014Hawaii Five-0 (2010)05x07Ina Paha (If Perhaps) (100th Episode)
08.11.2014Grimm04x03Last Fight
09.11.2014Hell on Wheels04x11Season 4, Episode 11
10.11.2014The Simpsons26x06Simpsorama
10.11.2014Once Upon a Time04x07The Snow Queen
10.11.2014Brooklyn Nine-Nine02x06Jake and Sophia
10.11.2014Family Guy13x04Brian the Closer
10.11.2014The Walking Dead05x05The Choice
10.11.2014CSI: Crime Scene Investigation15x06The Twin Paradox
11.11.20142 Broke Girls (*)04x03And The Childhood Not Included
11.11.2014The Originals (*)02x06Wheel Inside the Wheel
11.11.2014Gotham (*)01x08The Mask
11.11.2014Sleepy Hollow02x08Heartless
11.11.2014Castle (2009)07x06Time of Our Lives
11.11.2014The Blacklist02x08The Decembrist
12.11.2014The Flash (2014) (*)01x05Plastique
12.11.2014Supernatural (*)10x05Fan Fiction
12.11.2014New Girl04x07Goldmine
12.11.2014Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.02x07The Writing on the Wall
12.11.2014Sons of Anarchy07x10Faith and Despondency
12.11.2014Person of Interest04x07Honor Among Thieves
13.11.2014Arrow (*)03x06Guilty
13.11.2014Modern Family06x07Queer Eyes, Full Hearts
13.11.2014The 100 (*)02x04Many Happy Returns
13.11.2014South Park18x07Season 18, Episode 7
13.11.2014Hot In Cleveland06x02Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
13.11.2014American Horror Story04x06Bullseye
14.11.2014Bones10x07The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round
14.11.2014Grey's Anatomy11x07Could We Start Again, Please?
14.11.2014The Vampire Diaries (*)06x07Do You Remember the First Time?
14.11.2014Two and a Half Men (*)12x03Glamping in a Yurt
14.11.2014White Collar06x02Return to Sender
16.11.2014Hell on Wheels04x12Season 4, Episode 12
17.11.2014Once Upon a Time04x08Smash the Mirror
17.11.2014The Walking Dead05x06Heart Drift
17.11.2014Homeland04x08Halfway to a Donut
18.11.20142 Broke Girls (*)04x04And the Old Bike Yarn
18.11.2014The Originals (*)02x07Season 2, Episode 7
19.11.2014New Girl04x08Conference
19.11.2014Sons of Anarchy07x11Suits of Woe
20.11.2014Arrow (*)03x07Season 3, Episode 7
20.11.2014Hot In Cleveland06x03Bossy Cups
21.11.2014Two and a Half Men (*)12x04Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight
21.11.2014White Collar06x03Uncontrolled Variables
22.11.2014Hawaii Five-0 (2010)05x08Ka Hana Malu
23.11.2014Hell on Wheels04x13Season 4, Episode 13
24.11.2014Once Upon a Time04x09Fall
24.11.2014Homeland04x09There's Something Else Going On
26.11.2014New Girl04x09Thanksgiving
26.11.2014Sons of Anarchy07x12Red Rose
27.11.2014Hot In Cleveland06x04Naked and Afraid
29.11.2014Hawaii Five-0 (2010)05x09Season 5, Episode 9
29.11.2014Grimm04x07The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
02.12.2014Hawaii Five-0 (2010)05x10Christmas Episode
06.12.2014Grimm04x04Dyin' on a Prayer
10.12.2014Pretty Little Liars (*)05x13How the 'A' Stole Christmas
12.01.2015Shameless (US)05x01Nectar of the Gods
19.01.2015Shameless (US)05x02I'm the Liver
25.01.2015Black Sails02x01Season 2, Episode 1
26.01.2015Shameless (US)05x03The Two Lisas


TarihDizi AdıBölümBölümün Adı
02.11.2014Doctor Who (2005)08x11Dark Water
03.11.2014Downton Abbey05x07Series 5, Episode 7
09.11.2014Doctor Who (2005)08x12Death in Heaven
10.11.2014Downton Abbey05x08Series 5, Episode 8
16.11.2014Atlantis (2013)02x01Series 2, Episode 1

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